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Unreal Tournament 3

Released December 10, 2007 · consists of 10 releases.

The third main installment of the fast-paced arena-based first-person shooter brings its futuristic world to the Unreal Engine 3 game engine while adding a grimy aesthetic and a new story-based single-player campaign (involving a crew of mercenaries set out to avenge their fallen colony against the Necris).

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Unreal Tournament 3

First release date December 10, 2007
Platform Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 , PC
Developer Epic Games , Naked Sky Entertainment, Inc. , Psyonix Studios
Publisher Midway Games , Sold Out Sales & Marketing Ltd. , Epic Games
Genre First-Person Shooter , Vehicular Combat
Theme Fantasy , Sci-Fi
Franchises Unreal Tournament , Unreal
Aliases UT3 UTIII Unreal Tournament 3 Black Unreal Tournament 2007 UT 2007


Unreal Tournament 3 is a multiplayer-focused sci-fi fantasy first-person shooter developed by Epic and published by Midway for the PC on November 19, 2007. It was later released for the PlayStation 3 on December 12, 2007 and for the Xbox 360 on July 7, 2008.

The sequel to Unreal Tournament 2004 (and the first in the series without involvement from Digital Extremes), Unreal Tournament 3 brings the fast-paced arena-based gameplay to Epic's Unreal Engine 3 game engine. Along with a revamp of both aesthetics (featuring a grimier style similar to Epic's earlier game Gears of War) and gameplay (including the removal of the ability-based "Adrenaline" system), the game features customizable characters, new game modes, new vehicles, and a story-based campaign mode (which can be played in single-player or co-operative for up to four players).

Unlike previous games, the main campaign does not follow the Liandri Grand Tournament. Set in the year 2307, four years after the events of Unreal Tournament 2004, the story follows a band of survivors after their human colony was invaded by Krall forces (which was quickly discovered to be led by the Necris High Inquisitor Akasha). After joining the Izanagi Corporation as mercenaries (under the codename "Ronin"), the team (led by James "Reaper" Hawkins) works against Izanagi's rivals (Liandri and Axon) to gather resources for their payback against the Necris. It is the first game in the series to use the concepts of "Respawners" and "Field Lattice Generators" (or "FLAGS") to explain the universe's combat outside of a tournament scenario.

The PS3 version of the game features inputs for mouse and keyboard controls and support for community-made mods. While the X360 version does not feature any of that, it includes timed-exclusive content (including maps, characters, and split-screen support). The PC and PS3 versions of the game later received a major content update on March 5, 2009. Dubbed the "Titan Pack", it added a new user interface, numerous gameplay improvements, a dozen new maps, two new game modes, new vehicles, and the namesake "Titan" mutator. The PC version was also digitally released by Epic for Steam on the same day, with the Titan Pack included, as Unreal Tournament 3: Black Edition (also known as Unreal Tournament 3 Black).

As the game used the GameSpy multiplayer service for the PC and PS3 versions, the game's original multiplayer servers were shut down on July 31, 2014 after GameSpy's demise. While the PS3 version remains unsupported, the PC version was updated on June 2, 2014 to replace the multiplayer service with a working in-house solution.

Game Modes

The base game features six game modes:

  • Deathmatch - Standard free-for-all deathmatch. Earn points by killing enemies and lose points by suicide.
  • Team Deathmatch - Standard team-based deathmatch. Earn points as a team by killing enemies and lose points as a team by both suicide and killing with friendly fire.
  • Capture the Flag - Objective mode where teams earn points by taking their opposing team's flag and bringing it to their own flag post with their own flag intact. It is the only official mode where the Translocator is used (which can be optionally disabled).
  • Vehicle CTF - Capture the Flag with vehicle support. Instead of the Translocator, players have access to the Hoverboard (which can be optionally disabled). While players with the flag can get into the passenger side of some vehicles, they drop the flag when they enter any other vehicle.
  • Warfare - An extended version of Onslaught mode from Unreal Tournament 2004, Warfare is a large-scale vehicle-based team-based objective mode where teams fight for control over a series of "Power Nodes" connecting both bases (each with their own "Power Core"). Teams can only take control of a Node by either attacking it with weaponry (then staying nearby as it builds) or by carrying a special Orb item to that Node (both of which require the Node to be "connected" either the team's Core or another of the team's Node). Players can heal their Nodes and speed up the build time of their Nodes using the Link Gun's Secondary Fire. Once a team controls all Nodes linking their Core to the enemy team's, they can attack the enemy Core. Destroying the enemy team's Core gives the winning team points and restarts the round. In addition, the game includes Support Nodes which give additional benefits (including access to more vehicles, quicker access to certain areas, and the ability to damage the enemy Core without it being vulnerable). Like Vehicle CTF, players have access to the Hoverboard for easy transportation.
  • Duel - Free-for-all deathmatch with a twist: only two players fight at a time in one-on-one rounds. The loser of the round is sent to the back of the player queue, with the player at the top of the queue entering the game for the next round. A special mode-exclusive mutator, Survival, replicates the mode of the same name from the Xbox version of Unreal Tournament 2003 (replacing multiple one-on-one rounds with a single round, with the queue rotating per-kill).

Additional game modes can be applied using game mods. The game later received two additional game modes, acquired by installing the Titan Pack:

  • Greed - Objective modes where teams earn points by having players collect "Skulls" from killing enemies and depositing them at the enemy goal. When players die, they drop a Silver Skull pickup that can be collected by any other player. If the player has any additional Skulls, they also drop those as additional pickups (where every 20 skulls are dropped as single Red Skull pickups and every 5 skulls after that are dropped as single Gold Skull pickups). Players who are driving vehicles drop additional Skulls when killed (+9 for Leviathan, +5 for Goliath/Darkwalker, +1 for any other vehicles). Once a player reaches the enemy goal with one or more Skulls, all of their Skulls are immediately deposited and they teleport back to one of their spawn locations. In addition, players gain armor and a temporary Damage Amplifier boost by collecting Skulls (first after their fifth Skull, then after ever ten Skulls). With the Titan mutator, collecting Skulls adds to the player's Titan Meter, players who transform into a Titan drop their skulls (and cannot collect any more), and dead Titans/Behemoths drop a fixed amount of Skulls (one Gold and one Red respectively). The game uses both Capture the Flag and Vehicle CTF maps, with Vehicle CTF maps adding the ability to use the Hoverboard.
  • Betrayal - Free-for-all deathmatch with a twist: players automatically form temporary alliances with 1-2 other players, where their kills also add to the team's kill "pool". All players are limited to a special version of the Instagib Rifle (with the Secondary Fire firing a seemingly-harmless blue beam). At any point, players can use the Secondary Fire to kill a teammate and become rogue, dumping all points from the team "pool" into their personal score and disbanding the team. While a player is either rogue or freelancing, none of their kills contribute to any "pool". Former teammates have a limited amount of time to hunt down their corresponding rogue to gain bonus points. After some time, more temporary alliances are formed of freely-available rogue/freelancers (with possibility for the same alliance). In addition, players who kill other players with a higher score gain additional points to help them catch up in the scoreboard (the value depending on the score difference, with the maximum value at 10 points).


Weapon Description Appearance
Translocator This weapon is only available in Capture the Flag. It allows you to teleport to any location that's wide enough where the indicator lands. It's great for moving across large maps, and dodging enemy fire. However, if you are carrying the flag, you will drop it when you teleport.
Can also be used to telefrag enemies.
Impact Hammer This is considered a last resort, and must be in close proximity to an opponent for it to work. It must be charged up, before it releases several hundred metric tons of pressure, resulting in their body exploding, but only unarmored targets can be killed in one blast.
Enforcer A basic sidearm. It carries limited ammo but deals considerable damage at a decent rate of fire, but with fair inaccuracy. However, another Enforcer can be picked up and duel wielded, which provides twice the rate of fire making it a very effective mid-range weapon.
Bio Rifle The Bio Rifle can disperse blobs of toxic sludge which can stick to any surface, including enemies, and can corrode flesh within seconds. It can be charged up to fire a bigger and therefore more deadly blob of goo.
ASMD Shock Rifle The Shock Rifle is a staple in the Unreal series. It can fire instant hit beams from a very long distance with a large ammo capacity which makes it great for sniping. It can also fire large, but deadly, slow moving plasma balls. Both can be combined to create a deadly blast known as the "Shock Combo", which has a large splash radius and can kill most enemies with one hit
Pulse Gun A very effective offensive and defensive tool. It can fire fast moving plasma projectiles which deal fair amounts of damage. It can also fire a medium-range continuous stream of plasma which can disintegrate targets within seconds with a steady aim. This can also be used to heal friendly vehicles and build and repair nodes on Warfare and Vehicle Capture the Flag maps. If two teammates are standing near each other with the Link Gun equipped, they will both receive a damage bonus, indicated by the crosshair turning yellow and a small yellow beam between the guns.
Stinger Minigun Rather than the conventional Minigun, the Stinger Minigun is powered by Tarydium crystal. It provides a fast rate of fire, great for most situations and is fairly accurate. It's secondary fire shoots chunks of crystal, which are slower moving, but offer pinpoint accuracy and can push and briefly stun an enemy's movement. It will also pin corpses to walls.
Flak Cannon The Flak Cannon, considered a favorite amongst many, is ideal for short range assaults and clearing out rooms with it's burst of red-hot shrapnel which can bounce of most surfaces multiple times. Its alternate fire will launch a shell in a fairly long arc, which will explode with a large splash radius and hurl out remaining shrapnel. Any opponent who catches the full whack of it, will ideally receive the same amount of damage as if he was hit by all the shrapnel from a burst shot, which is a lot.
Rocket Launcher Unlike your slandered Rocket Launcher, this can hold up to three rockets to be launched simultaneously and has multiple firing modes. It can launch its rockets in linear spread, or a tight spiral; great for taking out heavily armored targets. It can also fire its rockets as grenades, bouncing multiple times before they detonate, they also detonate on impact. The rockets can also lock onto any threat, if the wielder keeps a steady aim over it for a short period of time. The Rocket Launcher is indeed a versatile weapon, suitable for many situations and can cause a huge amount of damage.
Sniper Rifle The Sniper Rifle is best at long-distances, but is also deadly in close combat by a skilled player. The primary fire shoot standard projectiles, while you can zoom-in with the secondary fire. You can manually choose how much it will zoom. One shot to the head will kill the victim instant, if that victim doesn't wear the helmet or shield belt.
AVRiL The Longbow AVRiL (Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcher) is a powerful Anti-Vehicle weapon used by ground forces. The primary fire launches the rocket, but if you point the weapon at a vehicle and hold down the secondary fire, your aim will be locked onto that target and the rocket will be guided to it automatically, almost guaranteeing a hit.
Redeemer The most powerful known weapon. It's essentially a portable nuke. It fire's a slow moving missile that upon collision creates a gigantic explosion which instantly kills anything within it's huge radius. It will also knock over anyone who is just out of reach. The missile can also be guided, but the wielder is vulnerable whilst doing this. The projectile can be deactivated with a well placed shot, which makes it tough to effectively use on large scale maps.



Vehicle Description Specification Appearance
Manta A fast moving hovercraft with very low health but great for crushing enemies. It shoots plasma projectiles that do moderate damage.
Its height can be raised or lowered with the secondary fire button (lower) or jump button (raise), this can be used to weave through enemy gun fire or even be used to run people over.
  • Hitpoints: 200
  • Seats: 1
Scorpion A light assault buggy with mortars and blades that unfold from the front of the vehicle. It also have a turbo ability. If a player leave the Scorpion while the turbo is active, they will activate the self-destruct, dealing a huge amount of damage (the player in the Scorpion will survive, in most cases, since they jumped out of the vehicles.)
  • Hitpoints: 300
  • Seats: 1
Hellbender A two man armored jeep. The driver can operate a turret, similar to the shock rifle, since it can shoot a insant shock beam and a slow-moving plasma ball. The passenger takes control of the rear turret which fires the insant shock beam, the same as the turret(not the plasma ball). When the Hellbender is full-seated, it can becomes a deadly combination, if the driver spams plasma balls and the passenger shoots these balls with a shock to achieve a major and lethal chain-reaction with Shock Combos.
  • Hitpoints: 600
  • Seats: 2
Raptor A flying vehicle. Its primary fire shoots plasma projectiles with a considerable splash damage and cause slightly higher damage than the Manta's weapon. The secondary fire shoots a missile similar to the AVRiL, with automatical lock-on on Mantas and other Raptors.
  • Hitpoints: 300
  • Seats: 1
Cicada A two-seated air support vehicle. The driver can launch constant flow of rockets to the ground, or lock onto a target on the ground, load up to 16 rockets and launch them all in one big and devastating barrage to your desired location. The passenger takes control of a Plasma Cannon turret, and is also able to shoot of a flare to distract enemy lock-on missiles.
  • Hitpoints: 500
  • Seats: 2
Hellfire SPMA A mobile artillery vehicle. It has a turret similar to the driver turret of the Hellbender. When it is deployed its' main weapon becomes available. It can send a massive fire rain over the enemies, killing almost everything in that area instant. However, it has to send up a camera before it can shoot the barrage(the players' Point of View gets transfered to this camera, to get a better view over the battlefield). This camera can be shot down with at well-placed shot by enemies.
  • Hitpoints: 800
  • Seats: 1
Paladin An infantry support tank that shoots a slow-moving ball that explodes on impact with a powerful blast, similar to the shock rifles' shock combos, it can also provide an energy shield.
  • Hitpoints: 800
  • Seats: 1
Goliath A battle tank. It's main weapon fires tank shells that cause a lot of damage with a large splash radius. It's heavily armored but vulnerable from the air or fast moving targets. A passenger can take control of a small turret to help fight against such threats.
  • Hitpoints: 900
  • Seats: 2
Leviathan A five-seated mobile heavy-weapon-platform. It have four separate turrets, each with a unique firing method and ammo, e.g. one turret is a minigun that fires shock beams while another fires short rocket barrages. The passengers can activate a energy shield to protect themselves, for a small period of time. The driver, however, is having control of the most firepower, it shoots slowly-moving chunks of crystals, similar to the Stinger Miniguns' seconday fire, only bigger and more powerful. But the driver is also in control of a huge deployable turret which causes a gigantic energy blast, devastating anything caught within it. While being one of the most feared and powerful vehicles in the game, it still has its' weaknesses such as the slow movement, long deployment time and recharge time.
  • Hitpoints: 6500
  • Seats: 5
StealthBender Added in The Titan Pack.
The stealth bender is a cloakable support vehicle build on the Hellbender chassis . It can deploy a number of items which are the Spider Mines, an EMP, a shield and a slow volume. It can also heal friendly vehicles, help to build nodes and deal slight damage to enemies with it's primary fire, it is also effective at destroying oncoming missiles.
  • Hitpoints: 600
  • Seats: 1


Vehicle Description Specifications Appearance
Viper Similar to the Axons Manta, the Viper is a fast moving hovercraft-like vehicles, with a self-destruct function and a single-bounce energy pellet.
  • Hitpoints: 200
  • Seats: 1
Scavenger An sphere-like vehicle that moves with a set of tentacles. It can retract these to move at a fast speed as an orb, which can also deploy sharp blades to pierce through armor. It shoots energy beams via a small orb which follows any target it is locked onto, and it can help building nodes.
  • Hitpoints: 200
  • Seats: 1
Nemesis A mobile energy turret, which can switch between two positions. The most upright gives the fastest rate of fire, but slowest movement and most vulnerability. The lowest on the other hand, as you might have guessed, gives the slowest rate of fire, fast movement and most cover.
  • Hitpoints: 600
  • Seats: 1
Nightshade A cloakable stealth support vehicle enforcer . It can deploy the same items as the StealthBender: Spider Mines, an EMP, a shield and a slow volume. It can also heal friendly vehicles, build nodes, deal slight damage to enemies, and destroy oncoming missiles.
  • Hitpoints: 600
  • Seats: 1
Fury The Fury is an unusual flying vehicle. It can move swiftly through the air without the need of thrusters, and has two pairs of tentacles which shoot beams that can lock onto any threat within a small radius. It also has a turbo boost which allows it to quickly escape missile lock-ons.
  • Hitpoints: 400
  • Seats: 1
DarkWalker A heavy offensive vehicle that sits on a tripod walker. It shoots two lava-like beams which can disintegrate anything within seconds. It moves slowly and is highly vulnerable to threats that are within a close proximity. To counteract this, it can release a conclusive blast, that will blow every enemy under it away, as well as temporarily stun any foot soldiers in its path. It can also blow passengers out of Mantas and Vipers. A passenger can also take control of an undermounted gun, similar to the Viper's weapon. The DarkWalker can also lower it self( crouching) so it can walk under obstacles like bridges or shoot enemies from a better angle if needed, making the DarkWalker one of the most versatile terrain-crossing ground-vehicles.
  • Hitpoints: 1000
  • Seats: 2


Vehicle Description Specifications Appearance
Hoverboard This is only available in Vehicle Capture the Flag, and Warfare. This allows foot soldiers to quickly travel across maps when not with a vehicle. The hoverboard has a grapple beam which allows the occupant of the vehicle to grapple onto any friendly vehicles for a speed boost. Whilst on the hoverboard, the rider is vulnerable to enemy fire and will be temporarily stunned if he/she gets hit. -
Turret There are multiple turrets to be found in the game, the most common is simply titled Turret, it shoots plasma beams at a fast rate which will instantly hit targets and deal considerable damage. It is deadly, but vulnerable. There is also Shock Turrets, which fires a slow-moving ball that explodes with a powerful blast, similar to the shock rifles' Shock Combo, a Rocket Turret, that fires four rounds of rockets in bursts. Ideal for taking out heavily armored targets, or targets within a close-proximity that would otherwise be hard for the Energy Turret to hit, and finally, a Stinger Turret can be found, it fires the same projectiles as the Stingers' secondary fire, but much faster, resulting in a very lethal turret, but difficult to control.
In some maps, this turret is placed on a rail system, giving it the ability to move around.
  • Hitpoints: 400
  • Seats: 1
Eradicator Added in The Titan Pack.
The Eradicator is basicly the Hellfire SPMA, but without the ability to move. This means that it still have to deploy the camera, which can be shot down, in order to shoot, also, it loses the turret that the Hellfire SPMA is in control of.
  • Hitpoints: 800
  • Seats: 1


Health Pickup Description Appearence
Health Vial Heals 5 points, can exceed the health limit (your health can go above 100).
Health Pack Heals 25 points, can exceed the health limit (your health can go above 100).
Big Keg O' Health Heals 100 points, can exceed the health limit (your health can go above 100, maximum of 199).
Armor Pickup Description Appearence
Helmet Provides 20 points of protection. Reduces damage taken by 50%. Also blocking a single headshot.
Thigh Pads Provides 30 points of protection. Reduces damage taken by 50%.
Armor Vest

Provides 50 points of protection. Reduces damage taken by 75%.

Shield Belt Provides 100 points of protection. Reduces damage taken by 100%.
Powerup Description Column Head
Jump Boots The Jump Boots provides 3 super jumps. They are activated by double jumping, the second jump in the double-jump will get an extra boost.
Berserk Doubles the firing rate on all weapons.
Damage Amplifier Also known as the UDamage. Doubles the damage of all weapon.
Invisibility Camouflages the player to an allmost invisible state.
Invulnerability Makes player invincible for a short period of time.
Slow-Field Creates a sphere around the player. Everything inside the sphere will be slowed down, except for the player himself and teammates.
Added in The Titan Pack.


Deployables Description
Spidermine Trap Once armed, waits still an opponent enters it's range and releases a swarm of robot spiders to attack the opponent, the spiders dig into their opponents and detonate for maximum damage.
The spider mines can be 'controlled' by the secondary firing mode of the Longbow AVRIL, by either friend or foe of the spider mines.
Stasis Field Creates a cube that slows down everything inside it (much like the Slow-Field Power-Up).
Shaped-Charge Hand-carried detonation device. Mainly used to clear blockades.
EMP The mine detonates when a vehicles comes within it's range, makes all vehicles shutdown.
Shield Generator Creates a multi-faceted shield that stops weapon fire, but allows movement of soldiers and vehicles inside it.
X-Ray Field When the X-Ray Field has been the deployed. Everyone inside of it will be seen as skeletons as well as taking damage.
Added in The Titan Pack.
Link Generator When deployed, the Link Generator creates something equivalent to a repair station. Basicly it spawns a generator with tons of Link Guns, automatically rapairing vehicles and nodes.
Added in The Titan Pack.


The base game includes 28 playable characters, with eight characters as unlockables, two characters requiring a pre-order unlock code, and two characters with a timed exclusive for the Xbox 360 version). All characters are sorted into five factions (Iron Guard, Ronin, Krall, Necris, and Liandri) and are customizable (with players choosing armor pieces).


A team of human mercenaries backed by the Izanagi Corporation. Comprised of survivors from the invasion of the Twin Souls colony, they will not rest until they witness the destruction of all responsible for the massacre.

Led by Reaper, they are clad in red-plated armor with black mesh and serve as the game's main protagonists.

  • Reaper
  • Bishop
  • Othello
  • Jester
  • Kai
  • Kana (timed-exclusive to the Xbox 360 version, later added in the Titan Pack)


An elite group of assassins backed by the secretive Phayder Corporation. Comprised of humans brought back from the dead (using the company's Necris Process, which uses "nanoblack" nanobots to reanimate corpses), they declare war on Earth's forces and begin conquering worlds.

Led by Akasha, they wear black armor with golden plating and serve as the game's main antagonists. Unlike previous Unreal Tournament games, they are also seen with cybernetic body parts.

  • Akasha (unlockable)
  • Loque (unlockable)
  • Damian (unlockable)
  • Kragoth (unlockable)
  • Malakai (unlockable)
  • Alanna (pre-order exclusive, playable with an unlock code)

Iron Guard

Consisting of highly trained human mercenaries, the Iron Guard is also known for their continued presence in the Liandri Grand Tournament. Currently, they guard areas belonging to the Axon Research Corporation.

Led by Lauren, they wear thick yellow armor and serve as one of the game's minor antagonists.

  • Lauren (unlockable)
  • Barktooth
  • Harlin
  • Slain
  • Blackjack
  • Ariel (pre-order exclusive, playable with an unlock code)


A team of combat-modified security drones for the Liandri Mining Corporation, also known for their continued presence in the Liandri Grand Tournament. Currently, they guard areas belonging to Liandri.

Led by Matrix, they serve as one of the game's minor antagonists.

  • Matrix (unlockable)
  • Aspect
  • Cathode
  • Enigma
  • Nova (timed-exclusive to the Xbox 360 version, later added in the Titan Pack)


A tribe of intelligent, yet vicious, reptilian predators used by the Necris to pacify newly-conquered planets.

They are led by Scythe, and is their first appearance in the series since the original Unreal. They serve as one of the game's minor antagonists.

  • Scythe (unlockable)
  • Cerberus
  • Gnasher
  • Scorn



Base Maps

  • Arsenal (6-10 players)
  • Biohazard (2-4 players)
  • Carbon Fire (4-8 players)
  • Deck (4-8 players)
  • Defiance (4-8 players)
  • Deimos (6-10 players)
  • Diesel (2-6 players)
  • Fearless (2-6 players)
  • Gateway (6-10 players)
  • Heat Ray (4-8 players) - Also included in the game demo.
  • Koos Barge (2-8 players) - Timed exclusive to the X360 version and made available to all in the Titan Pack.
  • Rising Sun (2-4 players)
  • Sanctuary (4-8 players)
  • Sentinel (2-4 players)
  • Shangri La (6-10 players) - Also included in the game demo.

Bonus Pack

  • Morbias Station (2-6 players)

Titan Pack

  • DarkMatch (5-10 players)
  • Eden Inc (3-9 players)
  • Ocean Relic (4-8 players)
  • Turbine (2-7 players)

Capture the Flag

Base Maps

  • Coret (8-10 players)
  • Hydrosis (8-12 players)
  • Omicron Dawn (8-10 players)
  • Reflection (6-8 players)
  • Strident (6-8 players)
  • Vertebrae (10-12 players)

Bonus Pack

  • Facing Worlds (10-16 players)
  • Searchlight (10-12 players)

Titan Pack

  • Lost Cause (8-12 players)
  • Morbid (6-10 players) - Has additional support for Titan mutator.
  • Nanoblack (8-12 players)
  • Shaft (10-12 players)

Vehicle CTF

Base Maps

  • Containment (8-12 players)
  • Corruption (8-12 players)
  • Kargo (8-12 players)
  • Necropolis (8-12 players)
  • Rails (10-14 players) - Timed exclusive to the X360 version and made available to all in the Titan Pack)
  • Sandstorm (8-12 players)
  • Suspense (8-12 players) - Also included in the game demo. Has an alternate "Necris" version as a timed exclusive to the X360 version, which was made available to all in the Titan Pack.

Titan Pack

  • Stranded (8-14 players)


Base Maps

  • Avalanche (8-12 players) - Has an alternate "Two Fronts" layout.
  • Cold Harbor (8-12 players, timed exclusive to the X360 version, made available to all in the Titan Pack)
  • Downtown (8-14 players) - Has alternate "Two Fronts" layout (for 8-12 players) and an alternate "Necris" version (as a timed exclusive to the X360 version, which was made available to all in the Titan Pack)
  • Dusk (8-12 players) - Has an alternate "Free Mine" layout.
  • Floodgate (8-12 players)
  • Islander (8-12 players) - Has an alternate "Necris" version.
  • Market District (6-8 players)
  • Onyx Coast (8-12 players)
  • Power Surge (8-12 players)
  • Serenity (8-12 players) - Has an alternate "Nercis" version.
  • Sinkhole (6-8 players)
  • Tank Crossing (8-10 players)
  • Torlan (8-12 players) - Has alternate "Classic", "Short", and "Double Prime" layouts, as well as a "Necris" version.

Titan Pack

  • Confrontation (10-16 players)
  • Hostile (10-16 players)


  • Big Head - Enlarges each player's head size (including hitbox) as they gain frags, while shrinking them as they get fragged.
  • Friendly Fire - Players can damage their teammates (although half of that damage is negated). Not available in Deathmatch, Duel, or Betrayal.
  • Handicap - Provides bonus armor and weapons to losing players when they spawn. Cannot be used with Instagib. Not available in Betrayal.
  • Instagib - Removes all weapon and ammo pickups from the game while having all players spawn only with a modified infinite-ammo Shock Rifle (whose shots instantly kill opponents, at the cost of no separate Secondary Fire function). Not available in Vehicle CTF, Warfare, or Betrayal.
  • Kills Slow Time - Every kill that the human player makes temporarily slows down time. Instant Action games only. Cannot be used with Slo Mo or Speed Freak.
  • Low Gravity - Reduces the gravity of all players and objects. Not available in Vehicle CTF, Warfare, or Greed.
  • No Hoverboard - Removes the ability to equip Hoverboards. Only available in Vehicle CTF and Warfare.
  • No Orbs - Removes all Orbs from the arena. Only available in Warfare.
  • No Super Pickups - Removes the Redeemer, Shield Belt, Big Keg o' Health, and all power-ups from the arena. Cannot be used with Instagib. Not available in Betrayal.
  • No Translocator - Removes the ability to equip Translocators. Only available in Capture the Flag.
  • Slo Mo - Reduces the game speed. Cannot be used with Kills Slow Time or Speed Freak.
  • Speed Freak - Increases the game speed. Cannot be used with Kills Slow Time or Slo Mo.
  • Super Berserk - Increased weapon firing speed for all players (with the same value as if they had the Berserk power-up).
  • Survival - Replaces multi-kill rounds with a single round, where rather than switching out between rounds, losing players switch out after losing a single life. Only available in Duel.
  • Titan - Added in the Titan Pack. Each player has a Titan Meter on their HUD, which increases as they kill other players and perform objectives. When enough points are collected, they can transform into a Titan using the Titan Transformation key. Titans are twice as large as other players, can perform a devastating ground pound attack (using the Use key), start with 400 points of both health and shield, and have access to only two powered-up weapons (a Shock Rifle and a Rocket Launcher). However, Titans can no longer interact with game objectives, use vehicles, collect items, use jump pads, or transform back without dying (resetting their Titan Meter). When enough points are collected while as a Titan, players can further transform into a Behemoth using the Titan Transformation key. Behemoths are twice as large as Titans and start with 800 points of both health and shield, but automatically detonate in 45 seconds (dealing a Redeemer blast). Cannot be used with Instagib or Weapon Replacement. Not available in Duel.
  • Weapon Replacement - Configurable. Changes the weapon and ammo pickups of each type of weapon to another chosen type. This includes the starting weapons if the Impact Hammer and Enforcer are changed. Cannot be used with Instagib or Titan. Not available in Betrayal.
  • Weapons Respawn - Classic-style weapon pickups. Instead of the pickup remaining after being collected, the pickup disappears for a temporary amount of time. Players can collect additional weapon pickups for additional ammo. Cannot be used with Instagib. Not available in Vehicle CTF, Warfare, Duel, or Betrayal.


Disc One

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Unreal Tournament Theme (UT3 Remix)" Rom Di Prisco 2:04
2. "Unreal Tournament Title (UT3 Remix)" Rom Di Prisco 3:37
3. "Tactical Agenda" Rom Di Prisco 4:51
4. "Onslaught 1 (UT3 Remix)" Rom Di Prisco 4:29
5. "Mekalopolis" Rom Di Prisco 5:39
6. "Skyward Fire (UT3 Remix)" Rom Di Prisco 5:07
7. "Afterburn" Rom Di Prisco 4:09
8. "Go Down (UT3 Remix)" Rom Di Prisco 3:14
9. "Quantum Velocity" Rom Di Prisco 5:01
10. "Foregone Destruction (UT3 Remix)" Rom Di Prisco 5:04
11. "Suborbital Graviton" Rom Di Prisco 3:26
12. "Skylab 9000" Rom Di Prisco 4:07
13. "Deploy and Assault" Rom Di Prisco 3:54
14. "Defector" Rom Di Prisco 4:36
15. "Firestorm" Rom Di Prisco 5:16
16. "Mechanism Eight (UT3 Remix)" Rom Di Prisco 3:35
17. "Plasma Oscillator" Rom Di Prisco 3:52
18. "Frozen Babylon" Rom Di Prisco 3:37

Disc Two

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Unreal Tournament Title (UT3 Reconstruction)" Jesper Kyd 2:54
2. "Lockdown" Jesper Kyd 4:50
3. "To the Death" Jesper Kyd 6:03
4. "Robo Mall" Jesper Kyd 8:58
5. "Necris Attacks" Jesper Kyd 4:05
6. "Outpost" Jesper Kyd 4:58
7. "Tactical Agenda (Nanoblack Remix)" Rom Di Prisco 3:44
8. "Nekrimanci" Rom Di Prisco 4:40
9. "Sanktuary" Rom Di Prisco 4:28
10. "Necris Attacks (Extended Version)" Rom Di Prisco 6:22
11. "Outpost (Extended Version)" Rom Di Prisco 6:37
12. "Tactical Agenda (Jade Dragon Remix)" Rom Di Prisco 4:15
13. "Bushido" Rom Di Prisco 4:05
14. "Temple of Shambala" Rom Di Prisco 4:06
15. "World of Liandri" Jesper Kyd 4:49

Bonus Tracks

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "KR-Coret" Kevin Riepl 6:51
2. "KR-Strident" Kevin Riepl 5:58

System Requirements

Minimum Recommended
  • Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
  • 2.0 GHZ Single Core Processor
  • 512 MB of System RAM
  • NVIDIA 6200 or ATI Radeon 9600 Video Card
  • 8 GB of Free Hard Drive Space
  • 2.4 GHZ Dual Core Processor
  • 1 GB of System RAM
  • NVIDIA 7800GTX or ATI x1300 Video Card
  • 8 GB of Free Hard Drive Space

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5 4 
4 17 
3 3 
2 0 
1 1 

Specific release details

Unreal Tournament III
Unreal Tournament III
Platform Xbox 360
Region Japan
Release date September 18, 2008
Product code 4 938833 008664
Company code None
Rating CERO: D
Minimum Players 1
Maximum Players N/A
Resolutions N/A
Sound Systems N/A
Single player Features N/A
Multi player Features N/A
Widescreen Support No
Notes N/A

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